Dress Code

Children's Division

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Creative Movement: 4354 Cotton Yellow Dress

Pre-Ballet :4354 Cotton Pink Dress



Shoes: white leather ballet shoes

Black leggings/shorts, White thin socks, Fitted white tee


Student Division Dress Code


Tights, Shoes & Skirt

Performance Tights: Capezio 9 Classical Pink  

Class Tights: Capezio 1916 Ballet Pink  

Shoes For Ballet 1-3: Bloch S0249G Pink 

Shoes for Ballet 4-10: Bloch S0246L  Pink 

Skirt Level 1-6: Daphne by Wear Moi in matching color of level 

Skirt Level 7-9: Magda by Wear Moi in Dark Grey 



Note: Wear Moi leotards run small, so it is recommended to order one size up. 

Primary and Ballet 1: Emeraude by Wear Moi color Lilac 
Ballet 2: Emeraude by Wear Moi color Rose
Ballet 3: Emeraude by Wear Moi color Pacific 
Ballet 4: Emeraude by Wear Moi color French Blue
Ballet 5: Emeraude by Wear Moi color Navy
Ballet 6: Emeraude by Wear Moi color Maroon 
Ballet 7-9: Faustine by Wear Moi color Dark Grey 


Shoes - black canvas any style

Dance Belt (ages 8 and up) - any style (must be for dance)

Leggings/Tights - Boys:  Men: Black footed tights (must be male style)

Shirt -  White Shirt

Enrichment Dress Code

Modern Ballet 2-5

Female: Bare feet, Black leotard D5101C /Adult D5101, Black bike shorts Order Now /Adult D5104  

Male: Bare feet, Black shirt ME810C /Adult ME810 Black bike shorts ME803 

Jazz Ballet 2-5

Female: slip on jazz shoes, black leotard D5101C /Adult D5101Black bike shorts D5104C Adult D5104

Male: slip on jazz shoes, Black Shirt ME810C Adult ME810  Black jazz pants B191 /Adult M191 

Modern/Contemporary Ballet 6-8

Female: tan canvas ballet shoes, leotard SKU2518 Silkskyn Black Black bike shorts ME803 

Male: tan canvas ballet shoes, black shirt ME810

Black bike shorts ME803 

Pas de deux/Contemporary Pointe 

Dance Dress Columbine by Wear Moi color Black